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The 25th World Multi-Conference on
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July 18 - 21, 2021  ~  Virtual Conference
*** COVID-19 Update  –  The conference has been moved to an entirely virtual event (July 18 - 21, 2021). ***

  Asynchronous Presentations

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Applications of Informatics and Cybernetics in Science and Engineering (WMSCI/MEI/BMIC)
''A Reservation System with an Efficient Matching-and-Scheduling Mechanism for Private Parking-Sharing Programs''
Yan, Pengyu*; Cai, Xiaoqiang*; Chu, Feng**; Ni, Debing* (*China, **France)

''Forecasting of a Technology Using Quantitative Satellite Lifetime Data''
Batthula, Venkata Jaipal Reddy; Segall, Richard S.; Howell, Michael; Aboudja, Hyacinthe; Berleant, Daniel; Tsai, Peng-Hung (United States)

''Interactive Effects of Object Transfer Between Application Windows Displayed''
Chae, Haeng-Suk (South Korea)

''Performance Analysis of Machine Learning Algorithms for Sleep Apnea Detection using ECG''
Ramachandran, Anita; Pant, Atul Kumar; Karuppiah, Anupama (India)

''The Tool Path Tolerance Setting with Respect to Accuracy During 3axis Milling''
Sadilek, Marek; Cep, Robert; Cepova, Lenka; Kusnir, Lukas; Sniehotta, Patrik (Czech Republic)

Applications of Information and Communication Technologies in Education and Training (IMSCI/EISTA)
''Development of CNN Architectures Using Transfer Learning Methods for Medical Image Classification''
Basyal, Ganga Prasad; Zeng, David; Rimal, Bhaskar P. (United States)

''Improvement for Facial Gestures Classification to Control a Drone''
Acevedo, Elena; Acevedo, Antonio; Chavez, Alexa (Mexico)

''Interoperable Digital Skills for Foreign Languages Education in the COVID-19 Paradigm''
Makhachashvili, Rusudan; Semenist, Ivan (Ukraine)

''Introduction of the IVR in the Initial Phases of the Ephemeral Space Design by Students of the First Year of Architecture''
Gómez-Tone, Hugo C.*; Alpaca Chávez, Marizela*; Martin-Gutierrez, Jorge** (*Peru, **Spain)

''Strategic Use of Low Code Platforms''
Cuthbert, Carol; Pearse, Noel (South Africa)

''The Architectural Space Perception Through Different Visualization Media''
Gómez-Tone, Hugo C.; Manchego-Huaquipaco, Edith Gabriela; Butron-Revilla, Cinthya; Zeballos-Velarde, Carlos (Peru)

''The Role of the Common Digital Space of Scientific Knowledge in the Educational Technology Development''
Kalenov, Nikolay; Sobolevskaya, Irina; Sotnikov, Alexander (Russian Federation)

''Transitioning from Training to the Classroom: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Training in Using Tablets in Schools: Teachers' Perspectives''
Chan Mow, Ioana; Patu, Tara; Temese, Edna; Lafaele, Fiafaitupe (Samoa)

Biomedical Engineering - (0000004) (BMIC)
Organizers: Shigehiro Hashimoto and Hirotoshi Hishida (Japan)
''Analysis of Dielectrophoretic Movement of Cell Flowing in Micro Channel Related to Shape of Cell''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Ono, Ryuya (Japan)

''Basic Study on Evaluation of Earphone Hearing Loss - Discussion of Integration of Audiograms -''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Watanabe, Tomoki; Fujii, Yamato; Hishida, Yasuhiro; Hishida, Keiko (Japan)

''Basic Study on the Mechanism of Earphone Hearing Loss - Further Experiment Obtaining Ear Age and Real Age -''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Fujii, Yamato; Kawano, Atsushi; Hishida, Keiko; Hishida, Yasuhiro (Japan)

''Basic Study on the Recognition of Line Thickness - Proposal of Experimental Method and Presentation of Its Results -''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Komatsu, Yoshihiro; Hishida, Yasuhiro; Sugimoto, Manaka (Japan)

''Can Cell Type Be Distinguished by Behavior in Shear Stress Field?''
Yonezawa, Hiroki; Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Ono, Ryuya (Japan)

''Cell Division Under Shear Stress Flow Field''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Horiguchi, Fumiya; Yonezawa, Hiroki (Japan)

''Construction of a Music Database for Earphone Hearing Loss Prevention and Music Therapy - Discussions on the Relationship Between Beethoven's Music and His Deafness -''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Komatsu, Yoshihiro; Hishida, Keiko; Yamamoto, Dai; Hishida, Yasuhiro (Japan)

''Development of Turning Support Jig for Elderly People''
Hishida, Hirotoshi; Tang, Xinrui; Hishida, Yasuhiro (Japan)

''Does Direction of Tangential Force Field Affect Subsequent Behavior of Cells?''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Sekine, Wataru (Japan)

''How Does Cell Change Flow Direction in Micro Groove?''
Hashimoto, Shigehiro; Matsumoto, Taketo; Uehara, Shogo (Japan)

''How Does Cell Deform During Movement in Micro Gap?''
Uehara, Shogo; Hashimoto, Shigehiro (Japan)

Case Studies and Methods (WMSCI/IMSCI)
''A Cybersecurity Data Science Demonstrator: Machine Learning in IoT Network Security''
Gotsev, Lyubomir; Dimitrova, Milena; Jekov, Boyan; Kovatcheva, Eugenia; Shoikova, Elena (Bulgaria)

''A Formal Model for the Business Innovation Case Description''
Kunigami, Masaaki; Kikuchi, Takamasa; Terano, Takao (Japan)

''Features of the Case Method Application in the Study of Disciplines Related to Information Technologies and IT Project Management''
Kopishynska, Olena; Utkin, Yurii; Galych, Oleksandr; Makhmudov, Hanlar; Svitlychna, Alla; Lyashenko, Viktor (Ukraine)

''Human Intelligence (HI –Nous) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) In ESP/EAP Teaching and Editing of Inter-Disciplinary Research for International Communication – Case Studies and Methods''
Nikolarea, Ekaterini (Greece)

''Process Proposal and Acceptance Survey by Work Teams for the Adoption of the Agile Approach Using Machine Learning''
Orantes-Jiménez, Sandra-Dinora; Pérez-Castillo, Yadira-Jazmín; Cruz-Cortés, Nareli; Aguilar-Jaúregui, María-Elena (Mexico)

''Reduction of Workplace Accident Rates Using Mathematical Statistical Models''
Pons Murguía, Ramón A.; Villa González Del Pino, Eulalia M. (Ecuador)

Computer Science and Engineering (WMSCI)
''A Characters Prefix Based Methodology for Enhancing the Execution Performance of Any String Sorting Algorithm''
Thabit, Khalid (Saudi Arabia)

''A Comparison of Runtime of Simplex versus Karmarkar, Affine Scaling and Ruiz-Paredes Inner Point Methods''
Morales-Marquez, Luis-Enrique; Carrasco-Limon, Odón-David; Bermudez-Juarez, Blanca; Alanis-Urquieta, José-David (Mexico)

''A Novel IDS Model Oriented to Drone Nodes Networks Threated for DoS Attacks''
Pola, Eddy A.; López, Máximo; González, J. Gabriel; González, Nimrod; Mújica, Dante; Santamaría, Guillermo (Mexico)

''Adopting Agile Practices: Lessons Learned Transforming Organizations That Do Not Develop Software''
Cherinka, R.; Prezzama, J. (United States)

''An Optimal Path Planning Approach for a Two Wheeled Mobile Robot Using Free Segment and Turning Point Algorithm''
Siddiqui, Rida; Moin, Lubna (Pakistan)

''Analysis of Risks to Data Privacy Throughout European Countries''
Patterson, Wayne (United States)

''Context-Free Grammars from the Computing Theory Perspective''
Radev, Ivan (United States)

''Numerical Solution of the Partial Differential Equation Bilaplacian Type by the Finite Element Method for the Simulation of Accelerometer-Type MEMS''
Alanís Urquieta, José David; Bermúdez Juárez, Blanca; Vazquez Mora, Paulo Daniel; Hernández Flores, Armando (Mexico)

''On the Pitfalls of Videoconferences for Challenge-Based Face Liveness Detection''
Carta, Kévin; Barral, Claude; El Mrabet, Nadia; Mouille, Stéfane (France)

''Test-Driven Development Effects on Software Quality and Developer Productivity Analysis''
Fiuza, Mariana; Hirama, Kechi (Brazil)

Control, Communication and Network Systems, Technologies and Applications (WMSCI)
''Access Point Placement for Indoor Wireless LAN''
Narita, Yuma; Lu, Shan; Kamabe, Hiroshi (Japan)

''An Automatic Equipment for the Marking of 12" Polyethylene Pipes''
Corbera, Jefferson; Guillén, Fabricio; De La Cruz, Mario; Kemper, Guillermo; Oliden, José (Peru)

''Optimal Analysis for Enhancement of Thermo Mechatronic Processes''
Calderón Ch., J. Alan; Lozano, John; Tafur, Julio; Barriga, Benjamín; Lengua, Juan Carlos; Solano, Gonzalo; Huanca, Darío (Peru)

Education and Meta-Education (EISTA)
''Digital Meta-Skills Development for Interdisciplinary Competence in Foreign Languages Education''
Makhachashvili, Rusudan; Semenist, Ivan (Ukraine)

''Education and Globalization: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality Digital Technologies, and Distributed Ledger Technology Networks''
Cowin, Jasmin (United States)

''Teaching Statistics in the Time of the Covid-19 Pandemic''
Tsami, Eleni (Greece)

Education and Training Systems and Technologies (EISTA)
''Converged Learning: The Spectrum of Technology-Mediated Learning''
Lipuma, James; Leon, Cristo (United States)

''Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, and Behavioral Intention to Use Multimedia Teaching Methods for SAP ERP: Application of the Technology Acceptance Model''
Laosethakul, Kittipong; Leingpibul, Thaweephan (United States)

Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (EISTA)
''A STEM Literacy Program for Students in Secondary-Tertiary Transition to Reduce the Gender Gap: a Focus on the Students' Perception''
Alessio, Francesca; de Fabritiis, Chiara; Telloni, Agnese Ilaria (Italy)

''Lessons Learned in Pursuit of Lifelong Learning in Science, Technology, and Society''
Adarlo, Genejane; Favis, Abigail Marie; Gotangco-Gonzales, Charlotte Kendra; Guidote, Armando Victor Jr. (Philippines)

Educational Research, Design, and Modeling (WMSCI/DEMSET)
''An Assessment of Knowledge Areas for Advanced Diploma in Engineering Using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP)''
Ilunga, Masengo (South Africa)

''Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) for Evaluating Knowledge Areas of Advanced Diploma in Engineering Taught in South African Universities''
Ilunga, Masengo (South Africa)

''Assessing Knowledge Areas Consistency and Optimism Level for Advanced Diploma in Engineering Using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (FAHP)''
Ilunga, Masengo (South Africa)

''Gamification Integration and Student Motivation: Issues and Concerns''
Pournaghshband, Hassan; O'Dowd, Sean (United States)

''Information Security in Pandemic Times – A Discussion Paper''
Scholl, Margit; Schuktomow, Regina; Gube, Stefanie (Germany)

''The 4.0 Competences as Facilitators in the Realization, Management and Sustainability of Erasmus+ Projects in the Times of COVID-19 Pandemic''
Poszytek, Paweł; Fila, Jadwiga; Jeżowski, Mateusz (Poland)

Educational Research, Theories, Practice and Methodologies (IMSCI/EISTA)
''A Feasible Operational Approach to Differentiated Instruction''
Hendel, Russell Jay (United States)

''Articulating Methodology: A Potentiator Device on Permanent Health Education''
Moura-Vieira, Maria Edna*; Alves-Hopf, Simone**; Callado, José Tomas Real*; Hoefel, Maria das Graça Luderitz*** (*Spain, **Germany, ***Brazil)

''Ideal Preferences for Thinking Styles in Engineering Graduates: Educational Proposals to Assurance Graduation Profiles Through Mathematics Courses''
Gaete-Peralta, Claudio (Chile)

''Mathematics and Blindness: The Legacy of Abraham Nemeth''
Mele, Michele; Sicignano, Gennaro (Italy)

''Oral Exams – Why Are Not All Teachers Doing This?''
Almingefeldt, Emma (Sweden)

''Student Choices and Perceptions of Distance-Learning Courses During the COVID-19 Pandemic''
Thomas Coffman, Jana (United States)

''Toward an Integrative Professional and Personal Competency-Based Learning Model for Inclusive Workforce Development''
Arnold, Amy J.; Keyel, Jared; Soysal, Alkan; Kretser, Michael; Sagheb, Shahabedin; Rikakis, Thanassis (United States)

Estudio de Casos: Metodologías y Aplicaciones (CISCI)
''Análisis de Casos Positivos del Covid-19 en Colombia a través de un Árbol de Probabilidades''
Pulido-Rojano, Alexander D.; Calderón-Herrera, Andrés; Gutiérrez-Calderón, Andrés; Mier-Olmos, Luisa; Movilla-Palma, Miguel; Rosales-Rodríguez, Rafael (Colombia)

''Diálogo entre Educadores: Complexo ou Não? – Educação, Método e Concepções: O que Pensam Professores de uma Universidade Particular da Cidade de São Paulo sobre a Relação entre Esses Conceitos''
Fiorin, Karen Mattoso Pereira; Pechliye, Magda Medhat (Brazil)

''Experiencia de Implementación de la TDT en Ecuador: Caso de Estudio Teleamazonas''
Ordóñez, Kruzkaya; Alcendra, John; Suing, Abel; Carpio-Jiménez, Lilia (Ecuador)

''Perfil Epidemiológico de Salud Bucodental y el Tratamiento Alternativo Tradicional Frente a Odontalgias en Pobladores de la Zona Rural de Chalhuanca-Apurímac-Perú''
Chávez Sánchez, Elizabeth; Malpartida Valderrama, Kelly; Soto Carrión, Carolina; Jiménez Mendoza, Wilber (Peru)

''Propuesta para Innovación en la Enseñanza de Comunicación – Caso: Diálogos con Líderes''
Suing, Abel; Arrobo-Agila, Juan Pablo; González-Rentería, Verónica (Ecuador)

''Rastros da Estrada de Ferro Bahia e Minas''
Barroso, Leônidas C.; Ferreira, Mariana S. (Brazil)

''Uso del Aplicativo ATLAS.ti para la Gestión Estratégica de Datos en la Aplicación del Método de la Teoría Fundamentada''
Rojano Alvarado, Yolmis Nicolás; Contreras Cuentas, Margarita María; Rojano Alvarado, Águeda Yonelis (Colombia)

Generación, Comunicación y Gerencia del Conocimiento (CISCI)
''El Audiovisual como Herramienta Comunicativa para la Recuperación y Difusión de la Cultura''
Ortiz, Carlos; León, Evelyn A.; Brito, Karen G. (Ecuador)

''La Estrategia de Comunicación Integral y su Incidencia en Campañas Electorales – Estudio de la Amazonía Ecuatoriana''
Delgado, Guido F.; Yaguache, Jenny J.; Altamirano, Verónica P. (Ecuador)

''La Televisión en Línea en Iberoamérica: Una Aproximación a su Realidad''
Suquilanda-Ramírez, Milenny; Ortiz-León, Carlos (Ecuador)

''Nuevos Perfiles de Comunicación y Marketing en las Pymes de Ecuador''
Duque-Rengel, Vanessa K.; Paladines, Fanny Y.; Rodríguez, Jhon F. (Ecuador)

Implicaciones Socioeconómicas, Cibernéticas e Informáticas en la Educación en la Era Pos COVID-19 - (0000002) (CISCI)
Organizers: Elena Fabiola Ruiz Ledesma and Lorena Chavarría-Baez (Mexico)
''Alfabetización Tecnológica para PYMES en la Era Pos-COVID-19''
González-Arellano, Luis A.; Acosta-Gonzaga, Elizabeth (Mexico)

''Curso de Bioinformática en ESCOM-IPN Durante la Pandemia de Coronavirus COVID-19''
Rosas-Trigueros, Jorge L.; Palma-Orozco, Rosaura; Palma-Orozco, Gisela (Mexico)

''Estrategias de Enseñanza de Ingeniería en el Área de Formación Terminal en la UPIBI-IPN en Tiempos de la Pandemia (COVID-19)''
Palma-Orozco, Gisela; Orozco-Álvarez, Carlos; Palma-Orozco, Rosaura (Mexico)

''Experiencias del Curso de Geometría Computacional en ESCOM-IPN Durante la Pandemia COVID-19''
Palma-Orozco, Rosaura; Ruiz-Ledesma, Elena F.; Chavarría-Báez, Lorena (Mexico)

''La Enseñanza del Laboratorio de Bioingeniería a Nivel Superior en la UPIBI-IPN en Tiempos de la Pandemia (COVID-19)''
Palma-Orozco, Gisela; Orozco-Álvarez, Carlos; Rosas-Trigueros, Jorge L. (Mexico)

''Los Retos de la Enseñanza en Asignaturas de Computación Durante el Confinamiento''
Chavarría-Báez, Lorena; Ruiz Ledesma, Elena F.; Palma-Orozco, Rosaura (Mexico)

''Propuesta de Uso de Dinámicas del Juego en las Clases de Matemáticas a Distancia Durante la Pandemia por COVID-19''
Ruiz-Ledesma, Elena F.; Chavarría-Báez, Lorena; Palma-Orozco, Rosaura (Mexico)

''Uso de Moodle como Plataforma Educativa para Apoyar la Enseñanza de Programación Durante la Pandemia por COVID-19''
Gutierrez-Garcia, Juan J.; Ruiz-Ledesma, Elena F.; Guzmán-Flores, Jessie P. (Mexico)

Informática y Cibernética Aplicadas a la Ciencia y la Ingeniería (CISCI)
''Diseño, Elaboración e Implementación de un Prototipo Híbrido para la Obtención de Agua del Medio Ambiente Haciendo Uso de un Sistema Atrapa Niebla Rotatorio con un Sistema Basado en Efecto Peltier''
Santos De La Cruz, Eulogio G.; Rojas Lazo, Oswaldo J.; Mayta Huatuco, Rosmeri A.; Sanchez Marquez, Carlos; Álvarez Díaz, Ezzard O. (Peru)

''Interfaz Gráfica de Usuario para la Generación y Filtrado de un EEG Sintético''
Santillán Guzmán, Alina; Morín Castillo, María M.; Rodríguez Domínguez, Ana M.; Vargas García, Jesús R.; Oliveros Oliveros, José J. (Mexico)

''Modelo de Forestación y/o Reforestación con Plantas Cuyas Raíces Protejan al Suelo de la Erosión Usando Riego por Goteo Solar en Terrenos Eriazos''
Santos, Eulogio; Rojas, Oswaldo; Mayta, Rosmeri A.; Parraga, María; Vivar, Luis; Álvarez, Ezzard O. (Peru)

''Retroceso Glaciar e Implicancias para la Disponibilidad Hídrica: Caso de los Ríos Lecheria y Colorado (Limatambo-Cusco-Perú)''
Escobedo Silva, Feliciano; Huacani Calsin, Walquer; Sánchez Castillo, Darío Dante; Zuloaga Candia, Pablo Rubén; Calizaya Llatasi, Elmer Elio (Peru)

''Simulación de un Sistema de Colas en un Proceso de Atención de Buques en el Puerto de Barranquilla-Colombia''
Pulido-Rojano, Alexander D.; Verdeza-Villalobos, Arnaldo; Salas-Roa, Gisselle; Echavarria-Collante, Andersson; Muñoz-Iglesias, Amelia; De-La-Rosa-Romero, Mario (Colombia)

Information and Cyber Security (WMSCI)
''Cyber Security in the Age of Covid 19 Pandemic: An Empirical Model to Manage the Risk in Banks''
Iacoviello, Giuseppina; Bruno, Elena; Cavallini, Iacopo (Italy)

''Encryption Challenges: What Are We Facing?''
Blair, Risa (United States)

''Social Engineering Attacks: A Systematic Mapping Study''
Villacís, Johanna*; Pintag, Marco*; Fernández-Peña, Félix*; Andrade, Roberto*; Sánchez, Manuel**; Fuertes, Walter*; Benavides, Eduardo*; Ron, Mario* (*Ecuador, **Spain)

''Spotlight on Information Security Integration in the German Health Sector''
Scholl, Margit (Germany)

Information Systems, Technologies and Applications (WMSCI)
''A Meta-Analysis of Evolution of Deep Learning Research in Medical Image Analysis''
Zeng, David; Noteboom, Cherie; Sutrave, Kruttika; Godasu, Rajesh (United States)

''Detecting Mobile Pandemic Misinformation by Using Mobile Text/Data Mining''
Bansal, Benu; Hu, Wen-Chen; Kaabouch, Naima (United States)

''Heating Asymmetry in Magnetoresistive Random Access Memories''
Hadámek, Tomáš*; Selberherr, Siegfried*; Goes, Wolfgang**; Sverdlov, Viktor* (*Austria, **United Kingdom)

''Intelligent Extended XGBoost Algorithm for Psychiatric Diagnosis''
Azar, Ghassan; El-Bathy, Naser; Chen, Mengyi; Runwal, Sonali Dilip; Azar, Nawal (United States)

''Multidisciplinary Threat Recognition in Homeland Protection Systems''
La Manna, Mario (Italy)

''Performance Comparison of Monolith and Microservices Based Applications''
Barczak, Andrzej; Barczak, Michał (Poland)

''Solving Knapsack Problems Using Radius Particle Swarm Optimization Fuse with Simulated Annealing''
Munlin, Mudarmeen (Thailand)

''The Impact and Trend of Virtual Currency''
Gottimukkala, Raga; Jenq, John (United States)

''Web Based Approach for Discovering and Prevention of Customs Violations by Application of Emotional Model''
Tudjarov, Boris; Panov, Vesko (Bulgaria)

Innovation and Technology Transfer in Emerging Economies - (0000005) (WMSCI)
Organizers: Elina Gaile-Sarkane and Inga Lapina (Latvia)
''Comparison of Governance Cases in Owner-Managed SMEs''
Millers, Maris; Gaile-Sarkane, Elina (Latvia)

''Conflict Management for Improvement of Processes in Organizations''
Citskovskis, Ugis (Latvia)

''Developing a Customer Centric Journey Map''
Kokins, Gundars; Straujuma, Anita (Latvia)

''Different Approaches to the Development of Customs Work and Process Evaluation System''
Čevers, Aldis; Gaile-Sarkane, Elīna (Latvia)

''Enhancing an Interdisciplinary Program with Blended Learning – The Case of the Baltic IT Leadership Program''
Rivera, Claudio A.; Bancroft, Justin (Latvia)

''Facilitation of Legal Trade: Implementation of AEO''
Čevers, Aldis; Rudzītis, Normunds; Gulbis, Aivars (Latvia)

''Holistic Approach to Innovation Projects: The Perspective of Higher Educational Institutions''
Gaile-Sarkane, Elina*; Segers, Jean-Pierre*; Franco, Dirk V.**; Van Caillie, Didier**; Macke, Janaina*** (*Latvia, **Belgium, ***Brazil)

''Identification of Cultural Determinants for International Business''
Sceulovs, Deniss; Balaji, Ragav Abishek; Babica, Viktorija; Rustenova, Elvira; Sprogis, Maris (Latvia)

''Interrelation of Process Management and Employee Stressors in Organization''
Lapina, Inga; Briede, Ieva; Aramina, Daira (Latvia)

''Self-Definition of Virtual Identity: Post COVID-19 Consumer in Details''
Jankovska, Ilze; Gaile-Sarkane, Elīna (Latvia)

''Values Based Positioning – The Key to Success in Development of a Brand''
Ence, Enno; Gaile-Sarkane, Elīna; Štrausa, Evita (Latvia)

Interdisciplinary Research, Education, and Communication (WMSCI)
''Education and Technology''
Marzullo, Rossella (Italy)

''Emergency Criminal Legislation in the Times of covid19: The Case of Albania''
Leka, Adrian (Albania)

''Re-Envisioning a Computer Science Curriculum''
Leune, Kees; Petrilli, Jr., Salvatore (United States)

''The Block Algorithm Speed-up Computation of Aircrafts Mathematical Model and Simulation on CUDA Architecture''
Kvasnica, Peter (Slovakia)

''The Effect of Financial Rent on Top 1% Income Ratio in Advanced Economies: An Evidence from Panel VAR Analysis''
Siddique, Md Abu Bakkar (Japan)

Knowledge and Cognitive Science and Technologies (KCST)
''Free Will: A New Formulation''
Sanchis, Eric (France)

''Towards Modeling Semi-Automatic Ontology Based on Natural Language Processing''
Carvalho, Mateus; Hayashi, Victor; Pinna, Felipe; Marquesone, Rosangela; Néto, João; Ruggiero, Wilson (Brazil)

Sistemas/Tecnologías de Comunicaciones y Redes y sus Aplicaciones (CISCI)
''Desarrollo de Cibermedios Deportivos: De Migrantes a Nativos''
Bustamante Bustamante, Diego; Coronel-Salas, Gabriela (Ecuador)

''La Importancia del Perfil del Comunicador Gubernamental en la Gestión de Crisis y en el Entorno Digital''
Paladines-Galarza, Fanny; Valarezo-González, Karina; Velásquez-Benavides, Andrea; Gutiérrez, Nathali (Ecuador)

''Twitter: Análisis Comparativo de los Periodistas de Latinoamérica''
Puertas-Hidalgo, Rosario J.; Valdiviezo-Abad, Karen C.; Carpio-Jiménez, Lilia K. (Ecuador)

Sistemas/Tecnologías de Información y sus Aplicaciones (CISCI/SIECI)
''A Formação de Professores Pós-Pandemia: Um Convite para Repensar a Escola Brasileira''
Duvoisin, Ivane Almeida; Caetano, Alexandra Cristina Moreira (Brazil)

''Análisis de Área Deforestada con R a partir de Información Raster Periodo 2001 -2019, Provincia Abancay-Apurímac''
Huacani Calsin, Walquer; Meza Peña, Nelson Palemón; Aguirre Huilcas, Franklin; Sánchez Castillo, Darío Dante; Luque Ochoa, Evelyn Naida (Peru)

''Ciberseguridad en las Tendencias de Teletrabajo, Caso de Estudio: Universidad Pública Mexicana''
Lezama-León, Evangelina; Bolaños-Rodríguez, Ernesto; Acuña-Galván, Israel; Solís-Galindo, Alonso E. (Mexico)

''El Feminismo en la Red – Análisis del Impacto de los Movimientos – Ni Una Menos, Me Too y Time's Up''
Carpio Luzuriaga, Daniela I.; Carpio Jiménez, Lilia K.; Puertas Hidalgo, Rosario J.; Ordóñez, Kruzkaya E. (Ecuador)

''El Uso de las Tecnologías de la Información para Abatir el Índice de Reprobación del Inglés, como Lengua Extranjera – El Caso del Plantel Texcoco de la Escuela Preparatoria UAEM''
Sánchez Susano, Ana Lilia; Bustos Farias, Eduardo; Gallegos Estrada, Nimbe; Morales Botello, Edgar Amado (Mexico)

''Gobierno Electrónico y Alfabetización Digital: Comparativo Temporal en el Uso de la Tecnología en México''
Rodríguez Ruiz, J. Gonzalo; Muñoz Castorena, R. Valentín; Aguilar Zárate, J. Antonio; Ochoa Hernández, M. Bernardett (Mexico)

''Implementación de Comportamiento Animal a través de Vehículos Braitenberg''
Rodríguez, Nataly; Infante, Wilson (Colombia)

Sistémica (CISCI)
''Enfoque para Actividades Intermedias en la Metodología de Sistemas Suaves (MSS), Aplicado en la Evaluación de un Plan de Seguridad Ciudadana''
More Valencia, Rubén A.; León Gonzales, Roswin; Tume Ruíz, Juan M.; Rangel Vega, Antia (Peru)

''Una Solución Sistémica a la Pandemia COVID-19 en México''
Aceves, Francisco J.; Aceves-Bernal, Francisco Atl; Rojas-Ramírez, Jorge (Mexico)

Tecnologías de la Información y Globalización Académica (CISCI)
''A Universidade e o Desafio das Humanidades Digitais''
Cruz, Maria Teresa (Portugal)

''Evaluación y Caracterización de Compuestos Bioactivos en Frutos Nativos de la Región Andina de Apurímac- Perú''
Barragan Condori, Melquiades; Jiménez Mendoza, Wilber; Soto Carrión, Carolina; Pumacallahui Salcedo, Eliseo (Peru)

''Impacto del Estilo de Liderazgo Docente sobre el Desempeño en Actividades de Laboratorio en Neuromarketing: Estudio de Caso en una Universidad Virtual''
Cerdá Suárez, Luis Manuel (Spain)

''La Educación Universitaria en el Perú frente al Covid 19''
Velasquez Chacon, Erika (Peru)

''Liderazgo, Gerencia y Desempeño de Redes de Colaboración para Solucionar Problemas Complejos''
Luciano Alipio, Rober Aníbal (Peru)

''Perfil de los Youtubers e Instragramers Educativos de Ecuador''
Rivera-Rogel, Diana E.; Malo, Paola L. (Ecuador)

''Youtubers, un Fenómeno También en Latinoamérica''
González, María J.; Carrión-Salinas, Gianella A.; Velásquez, Andrea V.; Rivera-Rogel, Diana E. (Ecuador)

Towards Business Sophistication and Sustainability - (0000009) (WMSCI)
Organizer: Natalja Lace (Latvia)
''Exploring Critical Success Factors of Reciprocal Synergy in Strategic Alliances: The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Strategic Alliance''
Čirjevskis, Andrejs*; Fialeix, Julien** (*Latvia, **Spain)

''Innovative Behaviour of Latvian Companies During COVID-19 Pandemic''
Lace, Natalja; Pokromovica, Iveta (Latvia)

''Male vs. Female Perception of Problems Highlighted for Solving and Innovating''
Oganisjana, Karine; Kozlovskis, Konstantins (Latvia)

''Predicting the Actual Behavior of Customers to Purchase Through an Online Platform''
Liu, Yuan Yuan*; Lace, Natalja** (*China, **Latvia)

''The Performance of Digital Campaign for Smart Tourism and on-Line Purchasing – The Case of China''
Liu, Yuan Yuan*; Lace, Natalja** (*China, **Latvia)

Trans- and Inter-Disciplinary Research, Education, and Communication (WMSCI)
''"Historical Path in Mathematical Games": A Didactic Laboratory Activity Dedicated to Upper Secondary School Students''
Tortoriello, Francesco Saverio; Veronesi, Ilaria (Italy)

''A Hawaiian Fishpond as an Educational Interdisciplinary Nexus''
Widiasih, Esther; Garrido, Xavier; Johnson, Tanner; Kupihea, Kehaulani (United States)

''Agile Software Development and War Strategies''
Tudose, Cǎtǎlin (Romania)

''Creation of a Computational Model from the Perspective of the Functional-Structural Theory of Talcott Parsons – Case Study: The Emergence of the Mexican Bolero''
Fernández de Velazco, Fuensanta; Carpinteyro-Lara, Eduardo; Rodríguez-Luna, Saúl (Mexico)

''Discovering Patterns Across Disciplines: Cybernetics, Existentialism and Contemporary Art''
Dixon, Steve (Singapore)

''Educational Technologies for Hybrid Learning Contexts: A Grid of 12 Technological Communication Tools''
Manciaracina, Andrea Giuseppe (Italy)

''Emotion Detection by Speech and Voice Tone''
Wu, Yung-Gi; Jin, Zi-En; Lin, Chia-Liang (Taiwan)

''Information Systems and Technologies in Agronomy and Business: Employers' Requirements-Oriented Study in Agricultural Universities''
Kopishynska, Olena; Utkin, Yurii; Lyashenko, Viktor; Barabolia, Olha; Kalashnik, Olena; Mororz, Svitlana; Kartashova, Olga (Ukraine)

''Interdisciplinarity as a Key Competence on Industry 4.0 Labor Market''
Poszytek, Paweł (Poland)

''Interdisciplinarity in the Construction of a Videogame as an Intervention Tool in School Conflict''
Esparza, Norma; Restrepo, Dayana; Guerrero, María C.; Hoyos, Olga (Colombia)

''Linguistic Philosophy of Cyberspace''
Makhachashvili, Rusudan; Semenist, Ivan (Ukraine)

''Resilience Profiles Associated with Social Support and Engagement for Overcoming Academic Obstacles in Undergraduate Education''
Restrepo Cervantes, Dayana; Marenco-Escuderos, Ailed Daniela; Rambal Rivaldo, Laura Isabel (Colombia)

''Towards a Framework for Assessing Cybersecurity Risks in Internet of Things (IOT) Devices''
Qiao, Zhilei; Julio C., Rivera (United States)


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